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The Mean Girls of Black Hollywood: 15 Cross-Dressing Roles Portrayed By Black Actors


Lets face it, even in 2010 (and yes, even if you live in Atlanta), seeing a man dressed up as a woman takes some getting used to.

Yet, in film using the cross-dressing gimmick almost seems cliché, especially among Black actors.

Most of the roles are comical and warm hearted in nature.

However, that still doesn’t stop the debate as to whether or not all these cross-dressing characters (many portrayed by strong Black actors) contribute to the perceived “emasculation” of the Black man in America.

Tyler Perry’s Madea is the latest he/she role to cause conservative grumbles, but many a Black actor has earned his stripes by dressing up in polka dots.

Hate it or love it, here are 15 TV and film roles involving Black actors who swapped their button down for a blouse.

Is it just a part of the job, or a fail for black Hollywood?


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  • Krusher Kronkite

    That’s what happens when you sell your soul and manhood to Hollywood. And you wonder why Black men are looked upon with contempt SMH!

  • sweet lady 22

    I dnt think they r sellouts or that they sold their soul to the devil these are talented actors n they r play a roll that women couldn’t act its funny to c a male actor play n portray women there r not serious it has humor to it

  • crazychris

    you forgot flip wilson, chris tucker, jaleel white, and michael jackson. but hey at least they got paid.

  • Mon-Soon

    Its not wither they got paid or if the actors are funny thats no question. But you have to look a bit deeper. The world want to see black men (especially) in a non-threatening less masculine way. If you look at the characters there is a reoccurring theme. Ghetto, loud, country fat black women. Its funny but at who’s expense. Black women. They not only want to demasculinize black men, but they want to give a negative image to black women. Is it worth it just for laughs and money.

  • MixedFriends

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  • Kayse

    i think that you are right because obviously a women couldnt play the part of women so a man did. and it is very cool to see aman do that. it just makes it more funny. so all you haters can just stop say negitive things because you are only jealous of where the actors have become and that you cant be.

  • hiphopsays

    the pretense of this is stupid…a) the emasculating of the black men came long before there was a hollywood, b) no one cares if comedians dress in women’s clothing (in fact it is a staple of the comedic craft – regardless of color), c) i don’t understand the inclusion of the damon wayans and david alan grier characters who were clearly portraying effeminate men … not men playing women. clearly, the poster is trying to put forth a message that dressing in a dress makes you gay….which is furthest from the truth and would be the same as saying if you dress a boy baby in pink … he’ll be gay.