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Lil Wayne Gives Fan's Mother A Wheelchair [Video]


Lil Wayne may be known for his hard rhymes and platinum records but unbeknownst to many; the Young Money head often gives back to his fans.

Most recently, Wayne reached out to Ronda Austin, a fan that wrote him constantly during his jail stint at Rikers Island, and bought her mother a much-needed electric wheelchair.

According to Austin, she was driving down the street one day when she got a phone call about the exciting news from Lil Wayne himself.

“In the midst of our conversation he said, did your dad get your mom a wheelchair yet? And I said no, we’re still working on that…and he said, aight don’t worry about it…I’m gonna take care of it.”

Wayne penned a personal blog on his WeezyThanxYou website where he described his latest gift of giving saying,

“When you hear the Southwest Airlines tagline “You’re now free to move about the country” the one time that you could really appreciate it, is if you were to loose that freedom.

Stricken with failed knees, and an ill-fitted wheelchair that set her up for a horrible fall from a church ramp, Evelyn Austin, had become a prisoner in her Williamstown, Nj home, confined to her bed for almost 2 years.

I came to know about Evelyn through a series of letters that her Daughter Ronda Austin had written me while I was incarcerated.

This is their story. God Bless Austin Family


Check out video coverage of Evelyn Austin receiving her electric wheelchair from Lil Wayne below.





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  • rene

    I am so proud of Lil Wayne. He is strong minded and he would have to be to stay clean. Thank God he is not a vehicle for Satan to use to get from point A-Z. Because Satan rides the backside of drugs. …….That is truly a nice thing Lil Wayne did when he gave the Lady a Wheelchair. He is a sweet guy. Keep up the good work Wheezy We cause Prison is NO PLACE FOR YOU.

  • Michelle

    Wayne is a very sweet person. I see it in pictures with him and his daughter. I also saw it when he was a guest on the ‘View’. So smart and intelligent and he loves to read.

    During that appearance on the ‘View’, I decided that I liked him and I am in my 40’s. I like the relationships he has with his ex-wife, Toya and his kids’ Mothers. He never shows any disrespect to them. Love that!

    God has and will continue to bless you. I’m so proud of you!
    Be Good! LOL

  • cotton 124

    That was nice of him. Louisiana is all hearts on the real. Thats where i’m from!

  • MH

    and why is the hero not presenting his gift personally?