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Jewish Rapper Matisyahu Calls Drake Out & Says His Jewish Is "Just A By-Product" [Video]


A week after Drake crowned himself as the “Best Jew To Ever To Do It”, Jewish rap-reggae musician Matisyahu has stepped forward to share his reaction to the proclamation.

Matis has decided to step forward after Drake’s recent comments in an interview with TMZ:

Sandy Koufax, Albert Einstein, Moses and now Drake?!? D*mn right. Would I get criticized for messing up the Canadian national anthem in public? Yes. [laughs] Because I’m a patriotic Canadian,”

“Yeah, who’s a better Jew, me or TMZ creator Harvey Levin? I don’t know. I’m one of the best Jews to ever do it. Ever in life.

Matis told “The Jewish Daily:

“Drake is a pretty good man. He’s got his thing, but it’s different than what I do.” Continuing, he says of Drake: “He’s Jewish, but he’s not representing Judaism.

“He happens to be Jewish just like Bob Dylan happened to be Jewish, but what I’m doing is really tapping into my roots and culture, and trying to blend that with the mainstream…Drake’s being Jewish is just a by-product.”

Although Matisyahu may be upset, Drake has shown nothing but praise to Matis show in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel below.

Peep the video and let us know do you think Matis is taking Drake’s comments too seriously, or is Drake milking his Jewish heritage for all its worth?


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  • Houston

    Drake is an overrated F@ggit…Who can’t sing!!!!

  • Ohhhh

    Oh he’s Jewish that explains the ished up face lol

  • EJM

    To be honest, I relate a whole lot more to Drake than I do with Matisyahu. I had my bar mitzvah, my mother is Israeli and I was brought up understanding my culture and my roots. But I’m not religious by any means. Matisyahu’s lyrics don’t delve into the complexity of our social interactions with women and everything. As a jew, I find myself relating more to Drake.

    • Dre

      Who gives a s*** who you relate to?!

  • EJM

    Looks my reply to lola didn’t go through.
    But here are some words for you Lola.
    The first song on his new album he talks about goin to a bar mitzvah.
    I’m gonna give you the names of three other songs where he talks about being jewish.
    S.T.R.E.S.S, Still Drake and Swaggers Like Us freestyle.
    And a little song called Over he goes: Two thumbs up, everythings Kosher!
    So before you make comments, get a clue.

  • vadim

    I think Mac Miller represents a lot more for Jewish kids than either Drake or Matis. Way more Jewish kids act and look like Mac (or even Asher Roth, for that matter) than the other two.

  • maasanova

    Typical racism.

    What Matisyahu is really saying is that schvartzes like Drake aren’t real Jews.

    • Doctor Opto

      typical racism you say? Kid, you KNOW schvartze is a yiddish racial slur? Right? But now I see what you did, you’re saying that’s what Matis would say/think about drake, I see it now, nevermind.

  • Jyhtdfkhtdfkhdhd

    Matisyahu is just another racist Jew juicin’ the rap game. Jews are the most racist people in the world, especially those who support Israel. Israel took a page out of White America’s treatment of Blacks to kill off the Palestinians, whom they’ve convinced brain-dead Americans are all terrorists. It makes sick that Black folk believe any Israeli propaganda. I know many Palestinians and they are good people. I also know a lot Jews in the business and I would not call any of them good. What the hel is happening to hip-hop?!!!!! God, where is Chuck D?!!!!! Chuck! We need you!!!!

  • Luke

    Well…what I think is that Matisyahu is racist. Screw him.