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Chris Brown Paints Picture For New Girlfriend [Photos]


Chris Brown is showing off more than just a blonde hair-do, the Virginia R&B singer is debuting artwork he made for his new girlfriend.

The artist is said to be dating Karrueche “Kae” Tran and was spotted out publicly with the California woman early this year.

Now it seems that Breezy’s making his love for Kae known with a new painting he debuted to his followers on Twitter last night.

Speaking to the 1 million plus fans that follow him, Chris premiered the art saying,

Breezyart: love vs. Falling in love !!!”

The painting shows a woman with her back turned, seemingly “Kae”, with the letter K surrounding he

Chris also posted more pictures of his new blonde hair over the weekend, check out more of Chris, Kae and his hair below.

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  • plunta

    that pic is ugly, still luv chris

  • she looks under age. hope Breezy wont be charged 4 child abuse?

  • CB is BS

    The picture of Breezy imitating Rihanna in her Rated R album cover is shameful, looks like he is mocking her, the boy has not learned a thing.


    It’s whatever he wants, but if I were her I would not put myself on display YET, but that’s young love for you. We all have to learn. He’s a young man learning and growing. #March22F.A.M.E.

  • 7890

    What happened to that model chick? She was fine.

  • Brooklyn

    Chris looks stressed

  • MSG

    The words blocked out above, replace them with a-s-s

  • Queen Makers

    STFU already, writing a damn novel like somebody cares. Nobody needs lessons from the likes of you on how to conduct themselves. Ignorant self. Sit. Can’t even count to 2. Yes, it’s been two, not three years, fool.

  • Whatever

    GTFOHWTBS…we will express any opinion we want to in regards to that woman beater. He is ridiculous and whether you like it or not we are going to blog our opinion, just like you. He is an azz period and mygonistic. narcissstic, egotiscal and whatever adjective we want to apply to his behavior, actions, etc. Thats the cost of fame.

  • ariana

    hes is still cute no matter what he sings gud still dat aint gonna change no one should stop buying his stuff and shixt cuz of his desison and ur girl chris shes beautiful iight ifly chris duces

  • mz. brezzy

    i love chris brown…i dont care wat he dew to his self….he still s*xy either way it go…..

  • jason

    CHRIS is still a real man but he is going through alot right now he is a real man but are u a real man if u ain’t don’t talk bout him EVERYBODY NEEDS 2 SHUT UP AND DON’T JUDGE HIM SHUT UP AND LOOK AT UR SELF HE IS TRING RHIANNA WITH HER LYING A$$

  • obie

    rkelly part 2.u molest em lil gals an u gna piss on em brezze,soon its gonna b boys an u b michael jackson

  • Sunshine67

    Why are some of you so determined to bring Rihanna up everytime there is an article about Chris Brown? This girl looks nothing like Rihanna. This girl has a more Asian young Tyra Banks look to me. She is beautiful. Also for all of you who wants to take Chris Brown from the domestic abuse scene to the child abuse scene need to grow up. How childish and insensitive can you be, swinging child abuse around like it’s any other word. It’s amazing how our hate for people and what they do causes us to act. Besides his new girlfriend is 21 years old; the same age as he is until his birthday in May.

  • Daisy

    Chris brown will 4eva nd a day b in luv wit his fans…so therefore we should luv him nd support him throughout wateva decisions he will make…he made da decision 2 b wit her…do nobodi should b hatn on her…

  • Shes not ugley and if he loves her what do u haten abt ?

  • dump dat hoe and get bac wit rihanna