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Jay-Z And Roc Nation Sued Over Diamond Logo


Volcom Clothing Company Sues Roc Nation Over Diamond Logo

The company known as Volcom has filed a lawsuit against Jay-Z’s Roc Nation label due to infringement based upon usage of their logo.

The diamond stone used in Roc Nation ads is similar to Volcom’s logo which has been trademarked since 1991.

Volcom is described as a lifestyle brand that manufactures clothing and accessories, but they also have a record label with a similar insignia and this is where they state the confusion may occur.

The complaint read that the logo used by Roc Nation in conjunction with the actual words was distinct, but when the symbol appears without “Roc Nation,” this is where they feel the consumers may become misguided.

The amount of money Volcom is suing for hasn’t been disclosed but they do feel that their authenticity has been compromised.

They are suing Jay’s company for unfair competition, infringement, false designation of origin and other charges that they hope will stick.

Do they have a case?


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  • Ms.Live@5

    Good for Jay-z sueing azz. Now let someone else win so he can feel how it is to lose. Ya just cannot keep swagger jacking forever!!! Let that be a lesson to the kids coming up.

  • Your picture is my stepping stone, my friend. Thanks for the heads up on this subject.

  • ROC we runnin this rap shiiiit