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DeShawn Stevenson Wears T-Shirt With A Message For LeBron James: "How's My Dirk Taste?"


DeShawn’s Shirt: ‘LeBron, How’s My Dirk Taste?’

Former Washington Wizard DeShawn Stevenson knows a thing or two about getting in the head of LeBron James.

When Stevenson was a member of the Wizards, he got into a verbal rift with the star of the Cleveland Cavaliers at the time and it resulted in LeBron comparing himself to Jay-Z and DeShawn to Soulja Boy. DeShawn became friends with Soulja Boy and even had him as a guest at the games.

Now as a Maverick, DeShawn is an important part of the team serving as a pivotal defender and last night he played a significant role in Dallas’ victory.

The shooting guard that got drafted straight out of high school was photographed rocking a t-shirt with the words: “Hey LeBron! How’s my Dirk taste?”

The line is a twist on a rap by Shaquille O’Neal performed to mock Kobe Bryant years ago where he spit, “Hey Kobe, tell me how my a** taste.”

The shirt features some websites that apparently sponsored the message and one of them happens to be HDNet, the television station owned by Mavericks team owner, Mark Cuban. It’s safe to say these shirts were pre-meditated and will be in mass production.

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  • amy

    Actually that’s the shirt that u get free at the games . On the front it says the time is now. I know this cause we went to a playoff game. The shirts with the logos on the bottom are the ones they gave to fans. Deshawn just had something added to his….