Beanie Sigel Says Jay-Z Prevented Him From Signing With G-Unit

Beanie Sigel sat with MTV and gave some insight on his past with Jay-Z and how he was blocked from joining 50 Cent’s G-Unit roster.

When Beans got out of prison in 2005, he was still on Roc-a-fella and an artist on Def Jam. He spoke with 50 Cent, who then had his label on Interscope and was willing to do a joint venture with Sigel.

“[50] wanted to give me a label, a whole label deal … and a whole lot of money too.”

The Broad Street Bully didn’t just jump ship, he went to Hov to ask for separation from the parent label.

“I told him I had to roll. ‘If you can’t make that situation happen for me, I gotta leave. I gotta go,’ “ he explained.

“I asked him to just let me go — from Def Jam, not from Roc-A-Fella — because he was the president of Def Jam. ‘I want to leave Def Jam, I’m out. You’re the president, you can push that button. Let me get my release papers.’ “

But the president of the historic label didn’t really give his protege a negative response, he simply stalled. “He was like, ‘Nah, let me see what I could do.’ That ‘see what I could do’ turned into another two years.”

State Property cohort, Freeway did however pull off a joint deal with G-Unit and Def Jam that was short-lived and was rumored to have gone down without the official approval of Jay.

Does Beans have a right to be a little salty?


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