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THE FTC Is Investigating Why McDonald's McFlurry Machine Is Always Down

Source: Bloomberg / Getty

In life, three things are guaranteed: death, taxes, and McDonald’s McFlurry machine always being “broken.” The FTC is reportedly looking into the latter.

It never fails. We head to McDonald’s craving a cold, delicious Oreo McFlurry on a hot summer day only to be told by a Mickey D’s employee that the McFlurry machine is down. TMZ reports that the FTC is quite curious why that always seems to be the case and is investigating the matter.

The FTC is on the case and has sent letters to franchisees inquiring over the summer inquiring “McDonald’s reviews suppliers and equipment, including the ice cream machines.”

So what exactly is the issue? According to the Wall Street Journal, the machines are overly complicated to operate and are painfully difficult to clean. To prevent bacteria from building in the machine, a nightly automated heat-cleaning cycle is used and could last up to 4 hours.

According to TMZ, if the cleaning process doesn’t work, the machines are basically useless until a repairman comes to fix the issue. In some cases, McDonald’s employees take matters into their own hands and try to fix the problem, only exacerbating the situation.

Or it sounds like to us maybe the machines aren’t actually broken, possibly the workers don’t have the patience when it comes to maintaining them, or they could be undergoing that cleaning process around the times when people want a McFlurry late at night.