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Oprah Called The “Antichrist”

We’re not sure exactly what Oprah Winfrey did to Mike Bickle, head of the International House of Prayer (a.k.a. IHOP, no pancakes), but he obviously isn’t a fan of the popular television host.

Oprah probably doesn’t know what she did to Bickle either, but a video was recently revealed where the Kansas City, Missouri minister compared Oprah to the “Antichrist” and warned his followers of her deceptive ways.

“The Harlot Babylon is preparing the nations to receive the Antichrist,” Bickle said in the video, which aired on God TV.

“The Harlot Babylon will be a religion of affirmation, toleration, no absolutes, a counterfeit justice movement.

They will feed the poor, have humanitarian projects, inspire acts of compassion for all the wrong reasons.

They won’t know it, beloved they will be sincere, many of them, but their sincerity will not in any way lessen the impact of their deception.

The fact that they are sincere does not make their deception less damaging.

I believe that one of the main pastors, as a forerunner to the Harlot movement, it’s not the Harlot movement yet, is Oprah.

She is winsome, she is kind, she is reasonable, she is utterly deceived, utterly deceived.

A classy woman, a cool woman, a charming woman, but has a spirit of deception and she is one of the clear pastors, forerunners to the Harlot movement.”

Hey, not every man is a fan of the Oprah Winfrey Show, but Mike Bickle might be taking things a bit too far.

Or maybe Bickle was in attendance during the infamous Oprah episode where she gave away cars to the entire studio audience, but he was the only person that didn’t get one (I’d be mad too).

Take a look at the video below to see what’s eating Mike Bickle.

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