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One of the nation’s leading gay rights organizations is attacking Chris Brown for his homophobic rant during a basketball game.

The controversial hip hop star yelled abusive slurs, including ‘That’s gay!’ and ‘You’re a f*gg*t a**!’ at other players during a game at a Los Angeles gym on June 29.

Now, a spokesperson for Human Rights Campaign is weighing in on Brown’s anti-gay tirade.

“These kinds of slurs are just unacceptable,” Michael Cole-Schwartz, HRC’s communications director told in an exclusive interview.

“To demean gay people is encouraging others to engage in the same behavior. These kinds of slurs are unfortunately heard on playgrounds and even from figures in popular culture. We need to become more serious about it and stop it.”

“When words like these are so commonly used they become acceptable and that’s not right. One of the reasons why these slurs have become so common in schools and other places is because role models, like Chris Brown, engage in these activities and use these words. It needs to stop.”

After expressing how he feels like he is always being targeted by the media, Ace hood came to his aid by tweeting:

Do you agree with the activists, or do you think that the media is just always picking apart whatever Chris Brown says?