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Lil Mo Speaks About Fat Joe's "Disrespectful" & "Vile" Verzuz Comments

Source: Johnny Nunez / Getty

Tuesday’s (Sep.14) Verzuz showdown between Fat Joe and Ja Rule wasn’t without some controversy.

As of late, we can’t get one Verzuz without the participants doing something very questionable. No, Fat Joe and Ja Rule didn’t make the egregious mistake of calling an accused rapist who literally fled to another country to avoid facing his accused crimes or playing their songs that featured R. Kelly. Instead, the banter between the two artists went a bit too far.

During the Verzuz that saw Ja Rule rap-sing his way to victory, Fat Joe, for whatever reason he insulted Rule’s special guests Lil Mo and Vita, saying the Murder Inc. rapper found them in the “crack house” and referred to them as “dusty b**ches.”

Lil Mo understandably took offense to Joe Crack’s comments and spoke exclusively with TMZ. He called them “vile” and “disrespectful,” saying he should have known better following the recent celebrity drug-related deaths like DMX and Michael K. Williams. She also said Joe’s comments were “triggering” because of her own battle with opioid addiction.

Before this interview, Lil Mo took to Instagram to demand an apology from Fat Joe for his comments, which led to Joe’s buddy Remy Ma putting on her cape to defend him.

Vita also took to Instagram about the incident revealing that Fat Joe came to their dressing room to apologize, but she didn’t know what he was saying sorry for asking Lil Mo if she should accept it?

To his credit, Fat Joe immediately apologized on Twitter following the Verzuz event writing in a tweet, “Shout out to the ladies very sorry if i disrespected i love vida and lil Moe I’m super sorry love my sisters.”

Fat Joe’s apology was also criticized for using the word “if” when he clearly did insult the two women and spelling their names wrong.

Regardless, Lil Mo doesn’t want Fat Joe “canceled” but does feel he shouldn’t get off the hook so easily for being disrespectful. We are sure all involved will find a way to smooth things over.

Photo: Johnny Nunez / Getty