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Teen Allegedly Kills Parents With Hammer, Then Parties

Family and friends aren’t sure why a 17-year-old decided to kill his parents, cover the bodies with household items and then have a house party but they are shocked by the actions of Florida teen, Tyler Hadley.

Allegedly, Tyler used a 22-inch framing hammer to kill his parents, Mary Jo Hadley, 47, and Blake Maurice Hadley, 54, and then went on Facebook to invite over 40 friends over for a party.

Neighbors complained about the noise and the police arrived around 2:30 a.m. but didn’t notice anything suspicious. It wasn’t until they got anonymous tip that Tyler had killed his parents that they returned there at around 4:20 a.m. and discovered the bodies with the murder weapon between them.

Maurice Hadley, grandfather of the alleged murderer said, “We don’t understand this at all — we never expected anything like this, They were a great couple.”

The police believe the murder took place before the party and no motive or signs of rage were evident. The younger Hadley also has no history of mental illness but it is believed that he acted alone and he will be tried as an adult.