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Atlanta Dream v Dallas Wings

Source: Tom Pennington / Getty

A WNBA player posted, and quickly deleted, footage of herself in an all-out brawl. After backlash for seemingly endorsing and making light of the fade delivery, she apologized.

TMZ reports that it all went down at a day club in Atlanta earlier this year, and these particular WNBA players clearly got hands, and feet.

In the clip, we see Atlanta Dream All-Star Courtney Williams throwing wild haymakers, and connecting on some of them, too. She is putting in work (she is hard to miss thanks to the curly blonde hair), moving quickly on her feet throwing swings while maneuvering not to get hit with any counters. Reportedly, her teammate Crystal Bradford is also seen serving fisticuffs to whoever wants it.

You know Williams was ’bout that life because she knuckled up despite rocking a pair of the University Blue Off-White Air Jordan 1’s that go for a cool $2000, at least, on resale sites.

Nevertheless, Williams moonwalked back any jokes, tweeting, “I want to sincerely apologize for the video posted yesterday. I would never want to represent myself or the organization in a negative way.”

She added, “I’m learning everyday so I ask for grace as I’m growing. Again I apologize to all attached, and I will be better moving forward.”

Hey, we gotta hear both sides because maybe the fade was justified? Anyway, footage is never deleted on the Internets, so peep the brawl below.