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Black Adam Teaser

Source: Warner Bros. / Warner Bros.

For years it was known that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was set to make his cinematic superhero debut as Black Adam, and FINALLY! The Rock has come bac… well, actually The Rock finally debuts his highly anticipated superhero/villain role.

On Saturday (Oct. 18), fans got their first look at Johnson in full Black Adam attire when the teaser trailer to the film premiered at DC Fandome and yes, it looks good. In the trailer a team of what appears to be treasure hunters are raiding a cave for goods only to awaken the 5,000-year-old anti-hero. Once awakened, Black Adam lifts one of the men off the ground by his throat before turning him into dust using his superpowers. Quite the introduction if you ask us.

For those who don’t know, Black Adam possesses the same powers as Shazam as he too was blessed by the OG wizard Shazam as he was deemed worthy of wielding such power. Unfortunately, Black Adam used his newfound power to both liberate the oppressed and conquer land for himself while he was at it. Eventually, Shazam was banished for his misdeeds, but has now returned to a DCEU that features a new Shazam along with Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Aquaman.

While we don’t know if any of the aforementioned superheroes will make any kind of cameo in the upcoming film (Black Adam and Shazam are set to throw down at some point in the future though), word is he’ll be facing off again the Justice Society of America in the upcoming film. No, they’re not the Justice League. If the The Justice League are The Avengers of the DCEU, then the Justice Society are basically DC’s The Defenders.

Anyway, the trailer is pretty cool, so check it out below and let us know if you’ll be checking for Black Adam when it hits theaters July 29, 2022.