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Cardi B

Source: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz83

Cardi B has had it with depressing and drug fueled Hip-Hop lyrics and has taken to her Instagram Live to let as much be known.

Taking to IG to air her grievances over the lyrical content of the songs she hears in the club, Cardi says that the club scene is missing her style of music and all she hears are rappers that “wanna die. They all wanna die.” Building on her original statement, Cardi feels that rappers need to stop drinking lean and smoking weed as they climb the ladder to success as it leads to slow and sad sounding music that she can’t really f*cks with when she’s in the club. Feeling that the drug use of successful rappers influences their work in the studio, Cardi feels it’s about time she get back in the game and show heads how turnt up club music needs to sound for everyone trying to have a good time.

“This is the thing about these rappers, right? They start getting money and they start buying too much muthaf*ckin weed and too much lean and they make that slow sh*t. The club need me! The strippers need me! The h*es need me!”

Well, strippers definitely can’t properly twerk to slow and sad rap music, that’s for sure. Given her history, Cardi’s brand of music is definitely the type to get amped and live to, so maybe it is about time she get back in the game and drop some stuff to get booties cheeks and hands clapping at the same time.

Do y’all think Cardi B has a point? Has the use of excessive weed and lean drinking been the cause of the slower paced Hip-Hop music that we hear today? Let us know in the comments section below.