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Lee Boyd Malvo Tries To Change His Name

The 26-year-old man that teamed up with the D.C. Sniper to kill 10 people at random wants a new identity.

Lee Boyd Malvo was just 17 when he was convicted of going on a killing spree with the now infamous D.C. Sniper Jon Allen Muhammad, the D.C. sniper who’s since been executed for his actions.

The pair confessed to murdering random people from Washington state to Washington D.C.. including ten in a three-week period in October of 2002.

On Tuesday Malvo filed a motion asking a judge to change his name due to “concern for his safety” and to reduce the risk of assault by other inmates.

Wise County Circuit Court Judge Tammy McElyea rejected the request noting that he has yet to have an incident or be threatened in jail.

Malvo wanted his name changed to Joseph Lee Ostierre.