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50 Cent Denounces Congressman Lamborn

50 Cent recently spoke out over racists statements that were levied towards President Obama by Republican Congressman Doug Lamborn who labeled the Commander In Chief as a “tar baby” in a recent interview.

Though Lamborn recently recanted his statement, Fif didn’t think Lamborn’s apology was enough Tweeting,

“Republican congressman Doug Lamborn should be re leaved of his duties after calling president Obama a tar baby,” he wrote.

“Tar baby is a synonym for n*gger, except it is only used in bigoted manners, were as n*gga can be a sign of respect.”

“The term comes from a children’s story in witch they explain that slaves were”dark and dumb”due to the fact they were” baptized in TAR” #SK.”

“I can’t find a more disrespectful or ignorant way to describe the race or depiction of our president,” he added.

Lamborn recently told a Denver radio show host,

“I don’t even want to have to be associated with [Obama]. It’s like touching a ‘tar baby.'”

The Colorado representative has since released a public apology for his racial slur.