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Kim Kardashian Regrets Telling Kanye West To Take off His MAGA Hat

Source: SAUL LOEB / Getty

Kim Kardashian got candid about her ex-husband, Kanye West’s exploits while rocking his red cape, aka his MAGA hat.

The reality star and now aspiring lawyer is now expressing regret for asking Coonye West not to wear that stupid MAGA hat during his SNL appearance to express his absurd support for the worst president we have ever had, Donald Trump. Kardashian spoke on her handling of that situation in a recent interview with journalist athlete Bari Weiss, where she also shared her two cents on “cancel culture.”

“Why should he take that [MAGA hat] off if that’s what he believes in? Why can’t he wear that on TV?” Kardashian asked. “Half of the country voted for him, so clearly other people like him.”

“If I worried about every last thing that someone said and I had to try to change it, then I would never be me,” she further added. “Anyone wouldn’t be them!” Kardashian further explained that her former husband’s well-deserved backlash for donning the problematic headwear affected her because she is not a “rule-breaker,” leading to her asking him to stop wearing it.

Speaking on cancel culture, Kardashian, who describes herself as neutral and supports both Democrat and Republican policies (rolls eyes), called it the “most ridiculous thing.” She claims she has witnessed members on both sides of the political aisle “discussing their thoughts on it — in rehabilitation and freedom of speech,” adding, “I’ve never really been into cancel culture.”

Kardashian is currently finalizing her divorce from Kanye West despite his many pleas for his wife to come back while his alleged current girlfriend is allegedly living with him.

What a mess.

Photo: SAUL LOEB / Getty