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Game Talks Issues With Jay-Z

After years of taking jabs at Jay-Z, we may finally be getting to the root of Game’s issue with Shawn Carter.

During a recent interview Game finally confessed that his dislike for Jay-Z comes from his first meeting with Hov, that rubbed the Cali rappper the wrong way.

“I think that’s where my short-lived hatred came from,” Game said.

“Yeah, man. I had it like that he was just a great dude.

“I grew up off of all Jay’s albums, and when I finally met him and he was just, I don’t know, he was overly cocky,” he added.

“The way that he played fans – and I’m not saying it to say he’s the same person now, that was like seven years ago. This is my own personal experience, so it’s not to make anyone hate Jay-Z.”

Game continued by stating that despite being turned off by Jay-Z’s attitude and frequent jabs like “Uncle Otis,” he has no personal issues with Jay.

“It turned me left. Ever since then, I’ve been taking little potshots here and there, it’s nothing personal,” he said.

Listen to Game’s explanation in the video interview below.

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