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Nation Of Islam’s leader The Honorable Minister Louis  Farrakhan forewarned of the United States Of America’s  demise at the ‘Millions March in Harlem’ during the 91st anniversary of the ‘Convention of the Universal Negro Improvement Association [U.N.I.A.].

On  August 13th 1920 at N.Y.C.’s Madison Square Garden, the honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey presented the ‘Declaration of Rights of the Negro People of the World’, as well as the Black Nationalist flag of… the Red, Black & Green’ – to the capacity crowd of over 20,000 loyal Garveyites in attendance.

A similar message of establishing self-determination for Amerikkkanized-Afrikans was relayed in the middle of Malcolm X Blvd. [Lenox Ave.] and 112th Street in Harlem this past Saturday afternoon.  Only 4 blocks north is the N.O.I.’s former Temple #7 where Louis X once served under Minister Malcolm X, and alongside Clarence 13X.

Original Black Panther Party member, and current councilman in the People’s Republic of Brooklyn – brother Charles Barron opened by advising the thousands in attendance to ‘not just lay down… stand up and fight against our oppressors’, while addressing the topic of ‘police terrorism’.  He also mentioned the importance of recognizing Afrika as… “our home”.

Minister Farrakhan headlined, first paying tribute to another defiant, anti-imperialist on his 85th physical day – Cuba’s Commandant’e Fidel Castro – then speaking about the United States’  misleading propaganda media-machine which continuously attempts to slander Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi, who has been backing the long-awaited United States of Afrik

“[The U.S. armed forces are killers, and when they go into a foreign country they make you see that people as the enemy so that you will delight in killing them,” explained the Mnister.

He then explains that the real reason President Obama  recently led U.S. forces into Libya on a murderous rampage is “…for the oil and natural resources”.

Adding,  “[U.N.] Resolution 1973 did not call for regime change… it did not call for the assassination of a leader… it did not call for bombings, killings and maiming of men, women and children.  It did not call for the robbery of the nation’s economy and subsistence, and it did not call for the destruction of the infra-structure of Libya. 

They [U.S.] set up puppet governments and legitimize factions, or groups of rebels, that would serve the objectives of the attacking nations under the noble cause of protecting the people… all this while bombing and wasting the lives of people Amerikkka claims to be so concerned about.”

Questioning… “If he has to rebuild his own infrastructure, with what money he got left, that means he’ll have no money to further the cause of Afrikan productivity… and if Qaddafi wins, who will bring NATO before the international criminal court and make them pay for the destruction they have caused in Libya?”

“Robert Mugabe, and the Afrikan governments must not accept the false promise of AmeriKKKa, that if you put out the ambassadors of the legitimate government out, that they’ll give you this, that they’ll give you that.   See, this man promises, only to deceive.  Ask us about that… we are the deceived!  After we built the country, he promised us 40 acres and a mule.  We never got the 40 acres, we never got the mule. 

He promised us civil rights, and then moved to take it away!  He promised us voting rights, and when we put a strong Black man in power, they used skill and deception to destroy strong, Black political leadership!  What have they promised you that they have delivered on their promise?”

It’s a long but definitely worth the watch…. WAKE UP People & Stop Believing Everything You’re Told…