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Jason Derulo fight

Source: TMZ / TMZ

There was a time more than a decade ago that if someone was confused for being Usher, it would be considered a compliment. But in 2021 it seems to be a sign of disrespect as far as Jason Derulo is concerned, and he’ll put the paws on you if you accidentally confuse him for the “My Way” crooner in a trolling manner.

According to TMZ, two men found out the hard way that Jason Derulo got them hands on him when they decided to call him “Usher” and a “b*tch” at a hotel in Las Vegas. Unfortunately for them they paid for their transgression as the “Savage Love” singer put the beats on both of them immediately after being mistaken for another R&B singer and a female dog in heat.

“Eyewitnesses tell us Derulo and one of the men were passing each other on an escalator when the guy seemed to troll Derulo by yelling, “Hey, Usher! F*** you, bitch!!!” That’s when Derulo got pissed and punched him right in the face, sending the dude to the floor.”

It was a beauty of a hit, too. Derulo went off on the man like a UFC fighter and laid him out like a brand new carpet at the ARIA hotel. After blessing the hotel with a new floor decoration, Derulo proceeded to slap the second man in question for good measure and as a reminder that he got off easy.

Though the men in question didn’t want to press charges, there’s still a chance that they could sue Jason for putting hands on them (they probably will) and have up to a year to make up their minds. Jason meanwhile was hit with a trespassing notice by the hotel and removed from the premises. Luckily none of the men needed medical attention from the beating but will certainly have to live with the fact that they got chin checked and left with bloody faces by a man who sings to women for a living.