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Shanetris “Shane” Campbell will be releasing a tell all book depicting the ills and breakthroughs from her personal life as the daughter of rap multi-millionaire Luther Campbell.

The book, titled I Am Not My Father’s Daughter, will contain scandalous accounts of violence and sex as experienced in her past.

As riveting as it may seem however, this book serves as more than just entertainment.

Through pulling the curtain on her family secrets, Campbell hopes to bring healing to herself and awareness to the issues brought up within her story.

“Through this book I hope to make peace for myself and my family,” said Campbell.  “But I have a much bigger agenda.”

Proceeds from the book will go towards her new endeavor, Shane’s Precious Heart Foundation, which will work towards bringing relief to children and families in crisis.

“It isn’t easy going through life thinking you’re nothing more than a sperm donation,” says Campbell. 

“But to my father, that’s exactly what five of his six children are. At least that’s what he has told the national media for the last two decades; sperm donations, each and every one of us.”