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Source: JEFF HAYNES / Getty

We’ve just passed the second anniversary of the tragic passing of NBA icon/legend, Kobe Bryant and while the thought of him not being here still hurts millions of his fans, Allen Iverson also seems to get all the feelings when memories of Kobe are brought up.

TMZ is reporting that recently “The Answer” got lowkey emotional when a fan presented him with a picture of AI and Kobe Bryant standing side-by-side at a signing event last weekend. Seemingly surprised that the picture even existed, Allen paused to say “Daaamn! Whose is this? This is yours? After the fan said it was indeed his, Allen bluntly asked “Man, you going to give me one? You got another one for me? Man, I need one of these!” The fan said he had a few in the stash and would get another one.

After staring at the picture in awe and likely reminiscing about their glory days in the NBA, Allen signed the picture but seemed upset that he used a black marker instead of a white one. Still, he gave the picture his John Hancock and asked if he could add some more ink to the pic. The fan let him rock and AI wrote something else that we couldn’t make out.

It was a pretty dope moment.

Check out the encounter below and let us know your favorite Allen Iverson and Kobe Bryant memories in the comments section below.