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There seems to be some sort of rift brewing or more of a conflict of interest between Damon Dash and rap group Onyx.

As reported earlier, Dame has been clawing his way back to the top since collapsing with the fall of Roc-A-Fella and his break up with Jay-Z.  From documentaries to music to clothing, the ultimate hustler has been in the process of reclaiming his place as one of the top entrepreneurs within the Hip-Hop industry.

Every road has its share of bumps to go over, however, as one of his upcoming projects has cleary rubbed the rap group the wrong way.

“N*ggas is biting the whole Fawkin’ movement. The ‘Black Rock’ Shyte, we been rocking with that. Now I’m hearing other n*iggas coming out with it…I ain’t sayin’ no Fawkin’ names. You know what it is man, holla at me n*ggass, 100 mad n*ggas with guns n*ggas, stop playing games with me!”

Now although Lil Wayne has become heavily influenced with the rock genre, it doesn’t take the most intelligent to put the pieces together and give up the name that they are making reference to. 

Part of Dame’s revival was working alongside the group Black Keys to produce the album BlakRoc which would blend rock and rap and feature artists such as Jim Jones, Mos Def and Ludacris.  The album has been scheduled for a release on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. 

Onyx has also been planning their comeback with an album titled Black Rock.  The project was originally supposed to hit around 2006-2007 and again at the beginning of 2009, but it never materialized.  Their sound has always seemed to have a rock influence as their high-octane energy and hardcore appeal found them performing at metal shows more as opposed to rap concerts. 

If anybody remembers how Dame was in the Def Jam offices, he is not a man that most want to have a problem with as he chooses to find a means through the obstacles placed in front of him.  Whatever the case may be and whoever thought of the concept first, both projects seems to be good for Hip-Hop overall so maybe we should just let it slide.