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Marvel Studios' Ms. Marvel

Source: Disney+ / Marvel Studios’ Ms. Marvel

Over the last year and change, Marvel has been expanding their superhero roster to include a more diverse cast of characters including Shang-Chi and some members of The Eternals, and now they’re ready to introduce a brand new hero who brings her own culture and beliefs to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

In their upcoming Disney+ series, Ms. Marvel, the MCU will be debuting it’s newest heroine in Kamala Khan, a Muslim teenager who idolizes on Captain Marvel and daydreams about teenage things such as boys and being a hero. In the trailer to the upcoming series we get the origin story of Kamala Khan who discovers a bracelet of extraterrestrial origin which grants her superhuman powers including walking on air, shooting beams out of her hands, and stretching her arms out like Mr. Fantastic.

Having to balance her new superhero life with an overprotective mother and her religious beliefs along with school and her boy crush, Ms. Marvel looks like it’s going to be a nice coming of age story centered around a Muslim teenaged girl.

Check out the trailer to Ms. Marvel below and let us know if you’ll be checking it out when it hits Disney+ on June 8.