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D.L. Hughley is setting the record straight about a confrontation he had with rapper Theophilus London over comments Hughley has made about self-embattled superstar Kanye West.

London recently shared a series of posts to his Instagram page in which he claimed he ran up on the Kings of Comedy star at Nobu in Miami to demand that he apologize to Ye for his comments.

“Lmao I told him to apologize on camera for doing that dumb Vlad interview and his people called security,” London wrote in a post accompanied by a video that briefly showed him walking past a table where Hughley was eating with his family.

First of all, even if what London said was half true, it would only make him the corniest negro at Nobu that day. This man is really out here trying to get a Hamilton-style “10 Duel Commandments” thing started because D.L. besmirched his comrade’s good name. Boy, if you don’t take yo’ Aaron Burr face on somewhere.

Anyway, Hughley told a different version of the story.

From Complex:

According to the comedian, he and London did not have any serious confrontation, as London’s posts seemed to imply, and instead they briefly exchanged words. In one of the videos London posted, he could be seen walking past Hughley as he ate dinner with his family. The comedian told Vlad TV that he noticed London kept walking past the table, and did not appear to be there for any food.

He later got up to go to the bathroom, at which point London approached him and asked about the back-and-forth with Ye. London allegedly told Hughley that he needs to “make it right” with Ye, to which he replied, “[Kanye] needs to make it right.” The comedian claimed that their interaction ended very shortly after that, and he was not “pressed” as London had claimed. In fact, he wasn’t even aware of the photo and videos of him that the rapper took, and added that it was Nobu’s security that asked London to leave. 

Hughley’s version of the story makes way more sense than that of London, whose video showed nothing of the sort regardless. It makes sense that London would be stalking Hughley’s dinner table like he was Kanye and the table was Kim Kardashian minding her own business with Pete Davidson. It’s no wonder why London identifies with his Yeezus overlord so well.

And yeah, Nobu security is probably going to kick you out if you’re openly harassing a guest and his family because you’re butthurt because not everyone has nice things to say about Donda’s son.

The fact that London thought his behavior was a flex is the only thing interesting about this non-frontation.

He was lame as hell for this.