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Ruff Ryders Owe $1 Million In Taxes!

In order to get DMX, Eve, Drag-On and the rest of the Ruff Ryders crew, the label used old-fashioned street team tactics that involved stickers and posters.

According to the NY Daily News, the house Dee and Wah built owes the city of New York more than $1 million for plastering promo posters.

Finance Commissioner David Frankel, told the press that the label imprint based in Yonkers put up 3,400 illegal posters.

I’m not sure how these fines work and I’m surprised a label like Def Jam isn’t at the top of the list for illegal promo items. Maybe they paid their bill while the Ryders didn’t.

Either way, the Ruff Ryders have recently sparked things up again so hopefully they can generate money to take care of this tax debt.