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Tory Lanez Addresses Megan Thee Shooting On New Song "Mucky James"

Source: Bernard Smalls / @BeanzGotGamez

Even after flirting with jail time and his bail being increased for his Megan Thee Stallion subtweets, Tory Lanez just can’t seem to keep his mouth shut on the matter.

Days after being released on bail, Lanez decided to flirt with danger and possibly violated the Houston rapper’s restraining orders against him with a new song as part of his “Fargo Fridays” music series.

On this new track titled “Mucky James,” the problematic Toronto rapper talks about the situation with Megan Thee Stallion. While sporting a fitted baseball hat with horns, Lanez raps, “I was at a high in my career / You think I’d come out here and ******. And if you think I would do that sh*t, you on some stupid sh*t / I don’t need to do that sh*t. My Haitian hoes will woo a b***h / I can’t lie, temporarily that b***h came and ruined shit.”

Lanez even had bars for those insisting he stop talking about the matter, rapping, “Hey Tory, stop talking about it / I wish I could but dawg, I’m only human / Sometimes that sh*t be getting on me.”

That’s not the only thing he touched on his fallout with Meek Mill that no one knew about, adding, “Meek Mill, he used to be my dawg / He did some flaw sh*t to me / And when I brought it up, lil cuh wouldn’t even talk about it / Ain’t beefin’ with you, cuh, I swear I’m more hurt than anything.

But wait, there’s more.

Lanez also addressed his fallout with Kehlani after she decided to boot him off her song “Can I” as part of the fallout from the Megan Thee Stallion shooting. “Sometimes I think about Kehlani and how we ended things,” he sings. He also spoke on their fallout on his project DAYSTAR.

We also learned on the song that there was one person in his corner while it seems everyone else sided with Megan Thee Stallion, and that person was Trina, to whom he gave props. “I owe you 20 Ms / Been havin’ the world all on my shoulder, but I ain’t forget about you / You held me down when I most needed,” he rapped.

Lanez might want to stop talking about this case until  Sept. 14, when the trail is officially set to begin.

Photo: Bernard Smalls / @BeanzGotGamez