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Things I Didn’t Know A Week Ago Part 3 In Hip-Hop

1.   DJ Khaled believes he’s a n*gga because it’s a positive word and if you disagree that’s just dumb. “Like that’s dumb, like they dumb,” says the self-proclaimed “Sand N*gga” who had to endure ridicule growing up. Now he’s removed the sand and he’s just one of us. The Palestinian DJ feels like he’s the best, and so are the rest of us n*ggas out here.

2.   Thanks to’s 10 most disappointed songs of 2011 I was hipped to Wale’s “600 Benz,” which features Rick Ross. And thanks to my Twitter followers I now know what Rozay was talking about when he spit, “I get that work on my face.”

Even though that phrasing still sounds nasty I didn’t know that it meant that he can get drugs by consignment solely off his face and name. That’s a heavy claim and I’m glad I understand the meaning when I did not seven days ago.

3.    I watched Soulja Boy’s trailer for his movie recently and I was almost inspired after seeing his triumphant leap to stardom in less than a year and how he used Myspace and the Internet to reach the masses and get his music out. Then I saw the iced out remote control car pendant that came with an actual remote control and I was no longer inspired by DeAndre. I still think he’s brilliant and a pioneer and I hope he holds on to his riches but I cannot hold on to the two and a half minutes of praise I was ready to bestow on him. I’m sure he’s crushed.

4.   I heard my homie J. Cole’s album leaked early. How do you leak hard copies by mistake? We joked about Jay sabotaging before but with the reviews of “Mr. Nice Watch” and now rumors that Target got the dates confused…I just hope he’s not locked in to Roc Nation for ten albums.

5.   I didn’t know people really believed that they were going to let Troy Davis live. I thought for a second there was a chance Obama would intervene but I’m sure his administration let him know that that was a race card he didn’t want to pull. Now I’m asking myself if Troy wasn’t Black would we have been in protest? If you were a family member of the cop that was killed, would you want to see somebody perish for the crime? Do we even need the death penalty? I did a few days in jail and that was enough for me. I couldn’t imagine life in prison, but it would have to be comparable if not worse than dying.

I watched the Mayweather vs. Ortiz fight and I was wowed by these interesting facts that I had no clue about a week prior.

6.  Watching the fight online for free beats paying at a sportsbar or for pay-per-view.

7.  Sucker punches are named after the recipient not the giver; hands down, man down.

8.  Ray J. is the latest artist to summon the soul of Tupac and rant on the radio about hurting people.

9.  I now believe he and Whitney had a relationship, I didn’t know he had so many Bentleys or whatever cars he has, and I am currently trying out for the Money Team next season.

10.  Fabolous wears shades every time he performs?

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