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“I actually tip my hat 2 50 4 all he has done, but n his help 2 the city theres been some hurt 2 the city.. & i dont/didnt blame him entirely.”

In a Twitter message that began back on Monday, the battle or confusion between New York rappers 50 Cent and Fabolous has continued.  Becoming more of a hassle than help, Fab made an attempt to rectify and dissolve the ongoing issue between the two.

Now being known as the Twitter King, Fab defended his words Wednesday in response to 50 Cent who stated that he was actually disappointed by his “friends” view on the ThisIs50 Festival.

“Woke up 2 see my twitter topic of discussion bout da 50 Cent concert was taken out of context. Made what i said look like im hatin or dissin.”

Along with expressing his disbelief of Fab, 50 Cent also resorted to his own book, The 50th Law to provide some excerpts that seemed to only create more confusion.  The piece he chose to take referred to keep enemies around and not being so reliant on friends, which may have been a reason behind him having the likes of the L.O.X. although all else would come to think that all the issues were squashed.

Some may have taken Fab’s response as a sense of hate, but 50 added that he had offered the invitation to the Brooklyn MC to join in the festivities and Loso confirmed it stating that he had other things on his agenda.

“Def wasn’t hatin.  I said if anything it was a good show 4 NY.. And i was invited 2 perform too, BUT i had my own show 2 do at Lincoln U.”

Well, hopefully this moment of clarity will serve as a means to finally dead the whole situation and tension that seemed to be building.  The fact that this story stretched out to the middle of the week shows that everything must be cleared up because it is very simple and particularly petty to even mention potential beef.

New York is now in a place where they have finally been able to find unity and have realized that together they can stake their claim as being number 1 again in Hip-Hop.  Although many may say that everybody has to shine, competition has always been a driving factor in the genre so it’s time to suit up and take back what was once theirs.