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Broadway Subway Metro Station In New York

Source: NurPhoto / Getty

Riding the subway’s in New York City these days and you’re basically rolling the dice with your life because if the violence doesn’t get you, the train itself just might.

According to the Gothamist, a subway passenger was killed on Wednesday night (June 15) on the Q line when he got stuck between the platform and the train itself and ended up getting dragged to his death.

The victim, who police identified as Brooklyn resident Marcus Bryant, 37, was exiting a Q train at the Avenue M station in Midwood just before midnight when he somehow got caught between the train and the platform. Police initially said the man’s clothing was caught, but MTA officials later told reporters that was not the case.

“A rider died early Thursday morning after becoming caught in a gap between a Q train and the northbound platform at the Avenue M subway station in Brooklyn,” the agency said in an unattributed statement.

While many reported that the man’s pants had gotten stuck by the doors, officials denied that was the case according to NY1.

“What we know is that the individual was caught between the train and platform, and later fell into the pit, into the tracks, and a second train later came over him,” Davey said, adding, “We believe this is not a door issue.”

Yeah, those doors aren’t exactly the jaws of life. Many subway riders pull away from those closed doors on a daily basis.

Though we don’t know exactly how it happened, eyewitness Yau Kin Lau saw what happened and described Bryant’s final moments.

“He said, ‘Help, stop the train,’ and I saw it immediately,” Lau said. “I’m yelling to stop the train. Unfortunately there’s no one beside me at the platform.”

The conductor was apparently unaware a man’s life was at risk.

“He goes very fast, a split second, no one realized and he just been dragged for probably 30 feet, 40 feet and just dropped to the middle of the track,” Lau said.

Bryant was then taken to Maimonides Hospital, where he was pronounced dead early Thursday morning.

Sad all around. Be safe when riding the subway out there and be aware of your surroundings whether human or mechanical. Just sayin.’