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The young Atlanta rap scene is getting ‘turnt up’ by controversy. A song booming on the underground scene titled “All The Way Turnt Up” caused a rift between the eastside Atlanta group, Travis Porter and upcoming ATL artist, Roscoe Dash. Both Dash and Porter claim that the song belongs to them. In order to clear the air, young Roscoe took to the internet to defend his artistic integrity and posted a video on Youtube.

The video starts with the young artist explaining the situation and claiming that there’s no bad blood between himself and his young affiliates saying:

“Before I even get started I’mma say, I f%$k wit Travis Porter the long way. The extra strong way. Imma go head and admit that if it wasn’t for them ni**as I probably wouldn’t be in the situation I’m in right now….”


He then breaks down the origin of the song saying that he introduced the group to the song after it was finished and the only thing they contributed were verses.


“I went and recorded “All The Way Turnt Up”…my cousin actually was an investor in Travis Porter’s group which is how I met them which is how I met them. And we was on the way to the club one day…and I let him hear that All The Way Turnt Up” s&^t and he was like, I gotta get on it. I’m like cool….so we went and recorded the song….I felt like there was some extra s&%t going on….which I’m not going to speak on because I felt like I was being done unfairly. I felt like I was being pushed in the shadows of the song. I wasn’t getting my shine and I was the one who wrote the song. They just put verses on the song…I’m keeping it all the way funky with y’all. They just put verses on the song.”


Dash dug deeper into the situation explaining that the vocals on the hook were his and only his.

“ I recorded the song. “All The Way Turnt Up,” that’s me, that’s me by myself. I really feel like people only listen to the hook, they only listen to the catchy part of the song. Imma keep it funky with y’all, people only listen to the hook of the song. That’s what stick in ni**a’s heads. Who’s on the hook? Who’s song is it?”


Soulja Boy even added his thoughts on the situation via his Twitter. He’s on the remix to the song with Roscoe Dash and tweeted saying:


“Why um explaining my damn self? I’m RICH! lol. Long story short: Roscoe Dash got a song call “All the way turnt up” that EVERYONE in ATL thought was made by a group call “Travis Porter”. K.E. on the track hit me and ask to get on the song with Roscoe, I get on it and then EVERYONE says SOULJA BOY stole Travis Porter “turnt Up” song and i’m like WTF? This is Roscoe Dash song. This is the problem wit working with unsigned artists. Just had to clear that up, back to Madden!! Pow. But at the end of the day “F&%K BOYS” already knew that, they just hatin. LOL I sit back collect my guap and s%#t on them some more.”


 A bunch of teenagers fighting over a song that’s never even been heard outside of Atlanta? How silly.


It should be mentioned that the Roscoe Dash and Travis Porter went to V-103 in Atlanta Thursday to attempt to squash the beef but we’ll see how long that lasts.

Check out the new version of the single with Soulja Boy minus Travis Porter here.

Here’s Roscoe Dash explaining the situation.

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