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Common covers “Rolling Out” magazine this month and speaks about a variety of things including his new book, his music, and upcoming projects. 

One thing Common speaks a lot of, is his wonderful mother Mahalia Ann Hines who taught him so many of the amazing principles he applies to his life as an adult.

“I think, at a certain point, my focus was not about changing her mind — it was, this is my dream, this is what I dreamed of for me, so I have to pursue that dream and live that dream. I love my mother, I respect her, but this is my dream so I have to go for it. I think I was able to change her mind organically.

My intention wasn’t I gotta do this thing to make my mother love it — even though I’m not going to act like I didn’t want to make my mother proud, but I think I was able to change her mind by putting her on my record cover, and ‘one day, it’ll all make sense, right?’”

In addition to his book, Common is getting ready to release his latest LP The Dreamer, The Believer toward the end of November.

Peep the page #’s below to see pictures from Common’s photoshoot.

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