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Boosie In Handcuffs

Source: TMZ / TMZ

Boosie Badazz had a bad day after a run-in with police officers in Georgia, which saw him boil over into a rant while handcuffed.

According to reporting from TMZ, Boosie was pulled over while riding in a black Cadillac SUV on Tuesday afternoon (July 12th) being driven by a 19-year-old associate, De’Shun Lawrence. Officers approached the car and informed the two that they could smell marijuana emanating from the vehicle. After requesting that they exit the SUV, the officers searched it and found a large bag of cash along with a bag of weed. At that point, the officers handcuffed the Baton Rouge native and Lawrence who had been standing alongside the vehicle. The ensuing encounter was then captured on one officer’s body camera.

Boosie had been calm to that point, but the move sent him into a blind fury. “I can’t keep going through this though, bro,” he said to the officers. “I just can’t, bro. I don’t do no wrong. I gotta go to y’all superiors and file charges, man. It’s harassment. It’s every day. I moved to the country to f—-ng live, bro. I did six years on my back.” He began to erupt into a rant, which ranged from him declaring he was ready to go back and detailing what he’d do if incarcerated. “I’m ready now. I’m all the way ready. I’ma show ’em how I get down. Watch, I’ma punch on the first white boy I see in that b—h … Any nurse, I’ma spit on that b—h. I ain’t playing, man. I’m tired, bruh. Watch how I shine in this b—h,” he said.

The rapper went on to claim that he had dozens of women doling out sexual favors at his home and even offered their services to the police officers, before claiming he got stopped because of his race and profession. “Car’s not stolen, registration is right, the tag is right,” he shouted. “I was pulled over because of this bullshit car. You fucking m———s are targeting my vehicle. If I was a white college player, you wouldn’t f–k with my vehicle. If I played soccer or baseball, you wouldn’t f–k with my vehicle. You’d stop me for an autograph.”

The situation ended as one of the officers gave Boosie and Lawrence citations and took the handcuffs off, letting them go about their business. The video of the altercation is below.