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San Diego Comic-Con Special Edition - General Atmosphere And Cosplay

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The San Diego Comic Con is only a few days away from getting underway and while most Americans have ditched face masks for 2022, the SDCC will require attendees to wear protective face masks to keep crowds safe from further COVID-19 infections.

Deadline is reporting that organizers of the annual comic book fanboy festival will be taking the proper precautions to ensure the safety and health of everyone in attendance and will not only require face masks to enter the event, but also be asking for proof of vaccination. Luckily fully vaccinated means two shots (no boosters as of yet), but if you’re not fully vaccinated then you’ll have to provide a negative COVID test taken within 72 hours of Comic Con.

As part of that, attendees must download a “Health Pass” that will be used to quickly verify testing and/or vaccination status. All those who so verify will be given a wristband which will allow entry to the Convention Center.

There are to be three wristbanding stations on site and three more scattered throughout Downtown San Diego. The information available does not indicate if testing will be provided anywhere on site, but negative rapid antigen test results are acceptable for Health Pass verification, in addition to the more-reliable PCR tests. See below.

Anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers are going to be up in arms about the latest requirements as most places have basically given up on asking customers to mask and vaxx up to enter their places of business.

Still, we can’t be mad as the precautions being taken given that the latest Omicron variant of the Coronavirus isn’t just more transmittable, but also evades antibodies like no other.

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