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Kanye’s been noticeably absent from the limelight following his infamous stint at the VMAs and  his almost breakdown on Jay Leno’s ‘Jay Leno’ show. Now reports have surfaced about Ye taking time off from the music scene and retreating to India. The no-show at the BET Hip-Hop Awards is believed to be finding himself in India. As previously reported he’s believed to be on a religious retreat at a Sri Aurobindo ashram in Pondicherry, a small coastal town in South India. Now as Ye takes his time off, a Hindu leader is coming forward to offer solace to the embattled lyricist.

The President of the Universal Society of Hinduism, Rajan Zed is inviting Ye to continue to study Hinduism even after he returns to America. He spoke out on Kanye’s recent fascination with the religion and offered his guidance saying,

“West should put into practice what he learns at the ashram. If he needs any help in further exploring Hinduism, I would gladly guide him.”


Zed also called Ye’s trip to the ashram, “a long needed break for him”.

He further explained the Sri Aurobindo ashram where Ye’s located as,

 “Located in a small coastal town in South India. Sri Aurobindo was a philosopher-yogi who died in 1950. In his view, man, at present, lives mostly in his surface mind, life and body. There is an inner being within which pushes him to a constant pursuit of a greater beauty, harmony, power and knowledge.”


 Who knows? Maybe Hindu is what Ye needs to find peace.