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Bishop Lamor Whitehead Robbed

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Bishop Lamor Whitehead might operate under the title of a clergyman guiding his flock to heaven, but his words and actions certainly don’t bode well for his chances to enter the pearly gates. The recently robbed church leader fired off a homophobic slur and made a fatphobic comment during a recent interview.

Per Gothamist, Bishop Lamor Whitehead, who heads the Bishop Lamor Whitehead in Brooklyn, N.Y., was a guest on the Larry Reid Live show while being joined by Pastor Geneses Warren. It appears that Warren and Reid found humor in the robbery of Bishop Whitehead, and he took aim at them both in retaliation.

During the interview, Bishop Whitehead fired off a slur in the direction of Reid, then turned his ire by making fun of Pastor Warren’s weight. New York Mayor Eric Adams, who has some connection to Bishop Whitehead, shot down the clergyman’s stances while also vowing to bring the criminals who robbed him and his wife of $1 million in jewelry to justice.

From Gothamist:

“This would be inappropriate language for anyone, let alone a religious leader who should show a greater level of decorum,” Adams said. “Armed robberies are serious and traumatic experiences that should not be mocked, but no one should resort to homophobic comments or body-shaming in response.”

The Bishop Lamor Whitehead interview with Larry Reid Live can be viewed below.

Photo: YouTube