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Blueface & His Girlfriend Involved In Violent Altercation

Source: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz

Blueface has been the chatter of social media lately, and it has nothing to do with his music but his on-again and off-again and now more than likely off-again relationship with Chrisean Rock.

Video footage of Blueface involved in a violent altercation with his formerly toothless “girlfriend” Chrisean Rock is currently making its rounds on social media. In the nearly 4-minute video, the “Bust Down Thotiana” crafter and Rock are engaged in a physical altercation early Tuesday morning on the streets of Hollywood. Law enforcement is aware of the situation.

Per Variety:

A source within the Los Angeles Police Department confirms the station has started a preliminary investigation into the altercation but have yet to verify the identities of the couple, as they left by the time police showed up on the scene. Whether or not the couple decides to press charges on each other, the LAPD will still be setting up a crime report due to the severity of the standoff.

In the video, Rock can be seen attacking Blueface, born Johnathan Jamall Porter, and shouting slurs at him. Things get violent when the couple wrestles to the ground while visibly exchanging punches. It does appear that Blueface was trying to deescalate the situation but failed miserably in doing so.

Blueface Accused Chrisean Rock of Being Unfaithful

So what was the reason for the Hollywood fracas? According to Variety, Blueface and Rock started going at it after they fought over control of a phone after he discovered she was sleeping around. Per Blueface’s Instagram Stories, he accused Rock, who can be seen in a bed, of sleeping with a correction officer at a New Orleans jail.

“Y’all don’t know her. I barely know her. Went through her damn phone. She f***in’ the CO at the damn jailhouse. She sending the CO the hotel,” Blueface yells while showing his black eye.

Rock denies the cheating allegations, while Blueface accuses her of infidelity.

“I’m only airing this out ’cause you think she’s a solid bitch… She’s a good actor. I’m going to put you in a movie,” he says at the end of the video.

The toxic couple’s history of violence between them is well documented. Hell, if you follow The Shaderoom, you would know what was happening between them. During their troubled time together, they were both arrested, involved in vehicle theft, and had numerous encounters with law enforcement.

Yeah, these two need to leave each other alone expeditiously.

Photo: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz