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Does it get any crazier than this?

A 65-year old school Lousiana teacher was arrested this week after reportedly dragging a student across the playground while choking them with a piece of clothing.

<p>She tied my jacket around my neck and she dragged me to the playground to the office,” said 6-year-old Kiya Rogers speaking on teacher Mildred Russ.

The victim’s mother recovered the child’s uniform at the police station found with holes and grass stains.

According to little Kiya she may have been in trouble for speaking out of turn.

“I was talking in the classroom, but we started walking to the lunch room,” Kiya told local news station WAFB.

“But, that does not give anybody a right to do that to her,”

added her mother.

Her mother is deeply upset with the school, claiming school officials didn’t tell her what happened until days later.