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Mobb Deep Speaks On Working With Rick Ross, 50 Cent’s Reaction

Mobb Deep recently hit the MTV Rap Fix couch and during their interview, the New York Hip-Hop duo talked about working with Rick Ross on their upcoming EP and how 50 Cent reacted to the former G-Unit artists working with his one time rival.

“I’mma be honest; we come from an era of longevity and consistency,” Prodigy began.

“So in the beginning I didn’t really see that in him [Rick Ross].”

“And then when I was locked up I started seeing he was dropping more and more music.”

“I was like ‘damn, I’m starting to like this dude.’ That’s when I was like when we need to holla at son and do some music.”

And explaining what 50 Cent had to say about Mobb Deep collaborating with the Bawse, Prodigy added:

“Actually the first day I had came home, 50 had flew to New York to come see me.”

“And I went over to the G-Unit office and I told him ‘Mobb Deep need to start doing songs with everybody.”

“We need to start reaching out to people even if we got little conflicts. People like Rick Ross, people like Lil Wayne, people like whoever.”

“Just reaching out to everybody that we respect and we like their music and start doing songs with them.”

“Because Mobb Deep is the type of group we always do songs with other regions, or other parts of America, even overseas.”

“We always like to find artists we like and respect and do songs with them. Why stop now? And {50 Cent] was like ‘yeah, you right.'”

The video of Mobb Deep speaking on the situation is posted below.

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