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Do y’all remember Antoine Dodson? Sure you do. He’s the guy who went viral in 2010 after an apparent home intrusion, inspired him to rant on camera in an alarming yet hilarious way.

The rant resulted in him being one of the first meme sensations on social media. When Twitter exploded with “hide yo kids, hide yo wife” variations—that was all started by Dodson.

According to TMZ, Dodson is still working his internet fame for all its worth and is now partnering with a local craft brewer Straight to Ale Brewery in Huntsville, Alabama, to create his own craft beer called “Run N’ Tell That.”

The new lager is set to be available on September 24 and a huge party has been planned on that date to celebrate its release. The brewery will also reportedly film an ad for its new product.

This should serve as an example to anyone who finds themselves the subject of a viral social media moment—don’t be afraid to capitalize on your internet fame. You’d be surprised what you can monetize. 


His “hide your kids, hide your wife…” rant quickly took on a life of its own.

Dodson’s interview was later turned into “Bed Intruder Song,” and Dodson was able to move his family to a nicer home.

In the decade since, Dodson has found many ways to monetize his fame, including a reality show, movie cameo, and an NFT earlier this year.

Imagine that: 22 years after the viral moment and Dodson is still turning a frightening moment into financial blessings.

Ya’ love to see it.