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Gucci Mane’s enjoying a steady increase in press, putting his name and signature “Burr” catch phrase in the ears of people nationwide. After landing at number six on the list of ‘Top Ten MCs’, the ‘So Icey One’s’ been in overdrive dropping his Burrprint (The Movie 3-D) mixtape and taking shots at Jay-Z.

Now Gucc has done it again, announcing that he’s doing an unprecedented feat and dropping three mixtapes in one day. That’s right, three. For the special occasion, Gucci enlisted the help of three of the South’s biggest DJs. Lending their ears, talents and blending to the project are his always reliable affiliate; DJ Drama as well as DJ Scream and DJ Holiday.

DJ Drama spoke to MTV’s Mixtape Daily about the situation Thursday. Giving only shady details, Mr. Thanksgiving calmly stated,

“People need to be near a computer on 10/17 at 10:17 p.m. — DJ Drama, DJ Scream and DJ Holiday, The Cold War, a three-part series, three tapes, very worldly. It’ll definitely make sense. Look for some big records on there. “

Now the shroud of secrecy’s been blown and details are emerging.

DJ Holiday confirmed the release of Gucci’s Cold War to the network saying,

“Gucci wants to flood the streets, takeover. The mixtape is called The Cold War, and it’ll be a three-part series, Gucci America, Burr Britain and Burr Russia. They’re droppin’ Saturday at 10:17 p.m.”

Also according to Holiday, the 10/17 references are in tribute to the apartment building where Gucci grew up as well as the title of his new album.

HipHopWired’s veteran DJ of the week, DJ Scream, added his input to the conversation. He told MTV that while he helped with the project, his interaction with the MC was limited. Instead he added his skills to The Cold War through Warner Music Group’s Coach K.

“Me and Gucci ain’t really ran into each other since he got out, I got a phone call out of the blue.  Actually [it was from Warner Music’s] Coach K, like, ‘You ready to work?’ I said, ‘Of course.’ We got up, and I did my part.”

Holiday is on Burr Russia, Scream is on Burr Britain and Drama’s on Gucci America.

Damn, three mixtapes in one day?!

Jeezy where u at?