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A popular YouTuber who found herself under attack by rabid Nicki Minaj fans is taking legal action for the online harassment she’s been subjected to thanks to fanatics know as the Barbz.

The Daily Beast is reporting that YouTube personality Kimberly Nicole Foster is planning on suing a gang of Nicki Minaj fans after she says they posted her personal information online after she went after the Queens rapper in a tweet calling her a “horrible person.”

That was all it took for the rabid Barbz to come for Foster and make her life miserable for daring to talk negative of their queen. While most people get harassed and chalk it up to the game, Foster is taking legal action to send all the trolls a message and she is coming for any and everyone who crossed the line with her.

Aside from contacting her local police department about the matter, Foster’s even submitted a complaint to the FBI and sent them screenshots of the threats she’s received complete with the name of the people who sent them.

“It was normal, annoying stuff where I was like, ‘OK, block and move on,’” Foster told The Daily Beast. “The messages became more threatening and dark, and then it started to be, ‘We’re gonna find you. I’m gonna kidnap you, I hope you get raped.’”

As if threatening Foster with bodily harm wasn’t enough, things got darker when people began threatening her family.

The day she posted her controversial tweet, Foster was supposed to accompany her nieces to school for “Grandfriends’ Day,” in which students are encouraged to bring in a grandparent, family member, or adult family friend for lunch. She had posted about the occasion on Twitter, thinking she was mostly speaking to her somewhat modest audience of about 80,000 followers.

“Someone sent me screenshots about, ‘I’m gonna find the kids’ address,’ and, ‘I don’t care,’ and, ‘They’ll be collateral damage,’” she recalls.

Yeah, the FBI needs to get in on this. Foster posted a video just to show everyone just how bad the harassment is and man it’s just too much, even for rabid Nicki Minaj fans.

Foster has a theory as to why Nicki fans go so hard for the Barbz but doesn’t want any parts of that side of the game.

“There’s an understanding among the Barbz that the harder they go for her—the more virulent the nastiness—there’s more of an opportunity for her to recognize them,” she says.

Foster is still gathering evidence in the form of phone numbers, Twitter handles, and IP addresses in order to build her case. Minaj herself is in the clear for now.

A representative for Nicki Minaj declined to comment when The Daily Beast reached out.

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