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Snoop Dogg’s Chicago Football League In Financial Trouble

Snoop Dogg’s Youth Football League in Chicago is facing financial issues.

According to reports My Fox Chicago, the league’s bills are thousands of dollars behind, forcing the league’s Pilsen Jets team to end their season early.

The Pilsen Jets were scheduled to play in a playoff game on Saturday.

From My Fox Chicago:

They made it to the league’s playoffs but, can’t play in the game. They’ve all been sidelined by their coaches and parents because the bill for their equipment hasn’t been paid.

Costs for football pads, helmets and jerseys totals at $22,000.

They said they were told by their sponsor that if they come to the playoff game, they’ll be asked to strip.

“I don’t think it’s fair,” concerned parent Betty Arias said, “but I think it’s more humiliating for them to show up there and asked to take off the equipment, asked to take off your uniform right after the game.”

Reports also state that Snoop made commits to sponsor the league that were not kept.

Parents asked pay $165 per player and were told that the rest of the expenses would be covered.

The Snoop Youth Football League has not issued a statement on the matter at this time.