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It goes without saying that many comic book fans felt that 1997’s film adaptation of Todd McFarlane’s Spawn left much to be desired. But luckily Jamie Foxx is trying to do the franchise some justice and working on resurrecting the Black superhero (or antihero) in the near future.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Oscar Award winning actor has gotten new writers for his project as Joker’s Scott Silver, Falcon and the Winter Soldier’s Malcolm Spellman and Matt Mixon has joined the project in hopes of finally getting a script that’ll work. Back in 2017 Foxx announced that he was working on a new Spawn film but all these years later it’s still hasn’t gotten a proper script to be filmed. Hopefully the new writers will be able to churn out something that’ll get Jamie Foxx in superhero mode.

“If we’ve got an A-list actor, A-list producers, A-list writers, then do you want to shoot for A-list directors, A-list cinematographers?” McFarlane tells The Hollywood Reporter. “The answer is, ‘Of course.’ Let’s keep the momentum going.”

Spellman notes that Spawn holds a special place for him.

“I grew up in Berkeley, which is a comic book city. Todd McFarlane’s Spawn character was always one of my favorites — a Black superhero that was no bullshit, he was cool and dealt with modern issues,” says Spellman in a statement. “Myself, Matt Mixon, and Scott Silver are pledged to honoring what Todd started and what Spawn is at its core, delivering something that’s relevant and edgy and unlike any other superhero movie out there.”

Let’s hope it gets done as the only thing that ever did the comic book justice was the animated Spawn series that aired on HBO in the late 90’s. That joint was the truth.

Luckily Jamie Foxx is still down to star in the film, but when that will happen is anyone’s guess at this point. Lord knows we need more Black superheroes on the big screen though don’t expect any crossovers with the MCU or DC as Spawn is the franchise of Image Comics. Yeah they got a few dope characters but none that come close to the popularity that Spawn’s been carrying around for decades.

Would you pay money to see Jamie Foxx star as Spawn on the silver screen? Let us know in the comments section below.