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Chicago Woman Murdered By Grandson

A 15-year-old Chicago teen is in police custody after authorities say he murdered his grandmother after she scolded him for skipping school.

Keshawn Perkins, 15, assaulted his grandmother with a lamp and stabbed her in the head, neck and body with a kitchen knife, according to authorities. Then, in an attempt to cover his tracks, police say he wrapped the body in a sheet and placed it in a sewer trap near her home.

Authorities were alerted after neighbors noticed the blood stained teen dragging a large object through the backyard. Perkins then fled, but not before swiping his deceased granny’s purse.

He was apprehended a short time later and admitted the heinous act to authorities saying murdered his flesh and blood because she got on him for skipping school.

This story was first reported by the Chicago Tribune.

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