Adding another log on the proverbial flame that is police injustice, members of Chicago’s finest are being investigated after video of wrongdoing surfaced.

Captured in Pittsburgh during this year’s G-20 summit, the footage shows several members of Chicago P.D. donning full riot gear, forcing an arrested college student to pose for a group photo.

Kyle Kramer, a 21-year-old University of Pittsburgh student, was captured by police as he ventured back to campus after making a pizza run. Officers assumed that he was apart of several protesting groups that captivated the nation with their wild, uncivil antics.

He was a college student arrested for walking on campus,” said Cristopher Hoel, Kramer’s attorney. “That seems to me to make him a victim.”

Hole maintains that his client is innocent and will plead as such during a preliminary hearing, where the disrespected youngster is facing counts of disorderly conduct and misdemeanor charges of failure to disperse.

Chicago P.D. is in full damage control mode, releasing a statement to press in an effort to pacify any issues that might arise from this blatant misuse of police power.

“The Chicago Police Department does not tolerate misconduct by any of its members, regardless of where it might occur.”

An internal investigation is being conducted by Chicago P.D. into whether any of Kramer’s civil or constitutional rights were violated in the incident.

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