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Take Care is the type of album that you listen to spread out on your bed, staring at the ceiling fan as thoughts of what was, what is, and what could be permeate your mind.

Drake’s shameless honesty lends an undeniable appeal to Take Care.

Top that with flawless production, and you have yourself a recipe for a classic very successful album.

Despite an opening track that could easily put you to sleep, Drake maintains an impeccable balance throughout his sophomore opus.

Fervid tracks such as “Headlines,” Make Me Proud” and “Lord Knows” dilute the wrist slitting tones of “Marvin’s Room” and the more emotionally charged songs.

“Lord Knows” presents us with the most hard-hitting beat on the entire album, not to mention Drizzy was an assassin over the instrumentation.

“I know that showing emotion don’t ever mean I’m a p*&sy/Know that I don’t make music for n*^^as who don’t get p*s%y./So those are the one’s I count on to diss me or overlook me”

Drake’s emotions seem to cascade naturally throughout the album—whether vulnerable, boastful, or simply vain.

Where as most people shy away from speaking about lost loves, Drizzy is an open book.

“Shot For Me” evokes some nostalgia, as he rhymes about the one(s) that got away. T

his was a very personal record for Drake, who goes as far as naming names (Alisha, Catya), but he’s no stranger to that.

“She says I know you changed/I never see you cause you’re always busy doing things/I really wish she had a different way of viewing things”

Somehow Drake is able to relate nearly every song to his love life (or better yet, lack of), but without making listeners feel as if they’re hearing the same monotonous story.

On “Practice,” Drake interjects on Juvenile’s classic “Back That Azz,” with softer paced, R&B influenced production.

Take Care solidifies two things about Drake—he likes to date girls whose names rhyme with Aaliyah, and he has a genuine ardor for revealing his true self in his music.

What that leaves us with is a work that people can relate to, and if anything enjoy.


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