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“I’ve been quietly going back and forth from New York to Detroit for the past two months.”

After mixed reviews surfaced on the return of Shady with Relapse, promise began to grow again for his second coming when it was announced that there would be a sequel that would be dropping later the year.

As details had been scarce and there was heavy speculation  to it actually happening, Mathers himself was able to catch up with DJ Whoo Kid and Tony Touch recently to give the dish on Relapse 2.

Things have already started to beginning shaping up for the album as Slim Shady dropped the bomb that he would be working alongside producer Just Blaze.  Outside of Saigon, Blaze hasn’t given as much attention to an artist since when he was working alongside Jay-Z and the Roc-A-Fella camp.

With the cat out of the bag, Blaze confirmed the collaboration of the two and spoke with Distortion2Static to let fans in even more on the process as they have been heavily into it.

“We’ve done about six or seven records.  I’ll go back in a couple of weeks and do three or four more maybe.”

The pairing of the two on paper seems like yin and yang as they come from two separate worlds, but unlikely mash-ups have come to have unexpected great chemistry while in the studio.

“He hasn’t worked with too many people outside of his camp and I haven’t worked with him before so we have a good working relationship and friendship now.”

Eminem has stated that the album is basically done as it relates to the recording part and all that is left is the mixing.  This time around he has added that his second album of the year will be more emotional than the last.  He admits that the first Relapse was like a warm up for him to get his legs loose again and that’s why he placed more emphasis on strictly rapping.  This time around, he will invoke his personal side that drew fans into him on past albums such as The Eminem Show.

Standout performances among the newest on “Forever” and the veterans during a cipher at the BET Hip Hop Awards recently make it clear that the white boy is back with a vengeance.  As Marshall fell back into his old ways with Relapse, it is shaping up to truly be the year that fans relapse on Slim Shady once again.