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Westside Gunn, the visionary mind behind the Griselda Records operation, is coasting on the winds of his continued success with the release of his latest collection of art in 10, closing a chapter of sorts. The Buffalo, N.Y. artist recently revealed the inner workings of the Griselda movement, addressed rumblings of crew beef, and also leaned into his future as an executive producer among other topics.

Westside Gunn kicked off Griselda’s massive and highly influential 10-year run with the release of Hitler Wears Hermes, a play on the Devil Wears Prada name. As some savvy music fans fully realize, Gunn never titled the project to praise Hitler but has acknowledged the title carries a lot of weight and especially so now in the age of Ye fka Kanye West and Kyrie Irving with their controversial stances.

10 is the final chapter in the HWH series and a potent one at that with features from Busta Rhymes, Black Star (Talib Kweli and Yasiin Bey), A$AP Rocky, and more. The core Grisdela members, Conway The Machine and Benny The Butcher, appear on the album’s closer “Red Death” which nearly features the entire roster sans Boldy James.

In a new interview with Rolling Stone, Gunn addressed the elephant in the room regarding his brother, Conway, and rumors of a split between the pair. If anyone is concerned, it’s clear the two patched up the bad contract work, and Conway is the chief of his own imprint, Drumwork Music Group.

From Rolling Stone

That mesh of established names and homegrown talent sounds like the winning formula he applied to develop Griselda into one of rap’s most impressive stable of artists. But that’s not to say that things have gone flawlessly. Conway noted earlier this year that he “didn’t read” his original Griselda contract and was no longer signed to the label. Westside acknowledges Conway’s concerns but sees it as a small, since-resolved discrepancy.

“That’s my brother,” Gunn says of Conway. “That fool’s son is my nephew. If you ask that man now if I owe him a penny…that shit got twisted and screwed up. They tried to blow it out of proportion like I robbed my brother. And what he was saying was he never read the contract, which he didn’t. That’s my brother, but he can’t ever say I cheated on him. That’s why you see, ain’t shit stop. We still been on tour since that came out, and we have done every festival since that came out. We’ve been on each other project’s since that came out. If somebody robbed you, why would you do that?” Conway’s been building up his Drumwork Music Group, which Gunn says he fully supports, noting, “My brother’s a grown man; he wants to be a boss and have his chapter. Why not?”

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